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" promise of immune oncology in breast cancer ! Hope or reality ?"

Stefan Glück
Global Medical Affairs Early Assets Celgene Corporation, USA
Breast cancer Research

Triple negative breast cancer

Manju Ray
Scientist in Molecular Enzymology and Cancer Biochemistry, India
Breast cancer Research

Metformin potentially reverses multiple drug resistance in canine lymphoma and breast cancer cells by activating the Anaphase Promoting Complex

Troy Harkness
University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Tumor Cell Biology

Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Techniques in the Radiotherapeutic Management of Left-Sided Breast Cancer-Active Breathing Coordinator vs. Voluntary Breath Hold

Martin Borg
Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre, GenesisCare, Australia
Breast cancer Research

Triple Negative Breast Carcinoma: Molecular Subtypes

Shikha Bose
Cedars Sinai Medical Center, USA, USA
Breast cancer Research

CNOT2 promotes proliferation and angiogenesis via VEGF signaling in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells

SungHoon Kim
Kyunghee University, South Korea
Breast cancer Research

Interaction between GPR 30 and ER? signaling mediates the estrogen related migration and invasion in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer

Bradley Turner
University of Rochester Medical Center, USA
Prognosis and Response Prediction

Development of Rac/Cdc42 inhibitors as anti metastatic breast cancer therapeutics

Suranganie Dharmawardhane
University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, USA
Metastic Breast Cancer

Adjunct metformin use in breast cancer: never too early or late to improve outcomes?

Terra Arnason
University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Tumor Cell Biology

Association of Tp53 gene mutation (Exon7,codon 248) with breast cancer in Sudanese female patients

Ayda hussain omer mustafa
Assistant Professor of surgery Faculty of Medicine University of AL-Neelain, sudan, Sudan
Breast cancer Research

nhibition of Cancer-Associated Fibroblast Function by Farnesoid X Receptor Activation as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy in Breast Cancer

Ines Barone
Assistant Professor of Biotechnology, Italy
Breast cancer Research

Novel predictors of breast cancer survival derived from miRNA activity analysis

Jia Chen
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA
Breast cancer Research

A technological approach to recapitulate the breast cancer metastatic model in vitro

Silvia Scaglione
National Research Council, Italy
Metastic Breast Cancer

Dietary polyphenols and breast cancer risk: epidemiological evidence

Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL), Spain
Breast Cancer

FGFR2-mediated signalling in steroid hormone - positive Breast Cancer cells: Implications for therapy and prognostication.

Hanna Romanska
Medical University of Lodz, Poland
Breast cancer Research

Muscarinic receptors as oncogenic proteins and targets of breast cancer treatment

Maria Elena Sales
Assistant Professor, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tumor Cell Biology

The use of Sildenafil Citrate as an adjuvant therapy in management of triple negative breast cancer

Khaled Fathi Greish
Associate Professor, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain
Breast cancer Research

Is it time to relook at Management of Axilla in Post Neoadjuvant Breast cancer cases in re-evolving era of current axillary management?

Shaukat Mahmood Mirza
North West Anglia Trust, Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Cambridgeshire, UK, United kingdom
Breast cancer Research

Scarless Latissimus dorsi flap for breast reconstruction

Farah Abdulaziz
Perth Surgical Clinic, Australia
Breast surgery

DNA methylation changes in patients with invasive breast cancer

Ivana Fridrichova
Department of Genetics, Cancer Research Institute, Biomedical Research Center, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia, Slovakia
Breast cancer Research

Proliferation-associated miRNAs-494, -205, -21 and -126 detected by in situ hybridization: expression and prognostic potential in breast carcinoma patients.

Natalia Gurvits
University of Turku, FINLAND, Finland
Breast cancer Research

Prolactin activation of pro-survival pathways in breast cancer

Catherine KL Too
Professor at Dalhousie University, Canada
Breast cancer Research

Inflammation-driven networks in the regulation of breast cancer progression

Adit Ben-Baruch
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Breast cancer Research

Using Project-Based Learning Activities to Design and Synthesize Indanone – Aromatic Aldehyde Conjugates as Novel Potential Tubulin Inhibitors as Anticancer Agents: Structure Activity Relationship Study and Indanocine Analogues

Rose Stiffin
Florida Memorial University, United states
Breast cancer Research

Breast radiologist’s direct interactive public education about breast imaging: impact on anxiety and empowerment

Jiyon Lee
New York University School of Medicine, USA
Breast cancer Research

Cancer Stem Cells as new therapeutic targets

Tumor Cell Biology

DOT1L is a new therapeutic target for breast cancer progression by epigenetically derepressing CDH1 transcription factors

Gu Kong
Hanyang University, Republic of Korea
Breast cancer Research

Clinical utility of Contrast Enhanced Dual Energy Mammography (CEDEM)

Member of the Basque Society of Breast Diseases, Spain
Breast cancer Research

The Use of Advanced MRI in Breast Cancer Radiation Planning and Treatment

Carmen Bergom
Medical College of Wisconsin, USA
Breast cancer Research

Oncoplastic surgery: immediate or deferred

Founding member of the Basque Society of Breast Diseases, Spain
Surgery & Radiotherapy

Immediate breast reconstruction with laparoscopic harvested omental flap after breast cancer surgery

Department of surgery, Hospital “St.Vinzenz” , Austria
Breast cancer Research

How to overcome endocrine resistance in early and metastatic breast cancer (Educational lecture)

Marcus Vetter
Medical Oncology and Breast Cancer Center, University Hopsital Basel, Petersgraben, Switzerland
Metastic Breast Cancer

Interaction between GPR 30 and ER? signaling mediates the estrogen related migration and invasion in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer

Tinghuai Wang
Sun Yat-Sen University , China
Breast cancer Research

Concerted effort towards raising awareness of breast cancer leads to early detection in developing countries

Jayanti S. Thumsi
Global Cancer Institute, BGS Global Hospital , India
Breast cancer Research

Prognosis of pregnancy associated breast cancer

Guek Eng Lee
National Cancer Center Singapore, Singapore
Breast cancer Research

Effects of active lifestyle and exercise training on breast cancer

Sadegh Amani shalamzari
Assistant professor, Exercise physiology Department, Kharazmi University , Iran
Breast cancer Research

Association of CYP3A4 and CYP3A5 polymorphisms with Iranian breast cancer patients

Amir Jalali
Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology, School of Pharmacy and Toxicology Research Center, Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences Center, Iran
Breast cancer Research

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